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Born in Belgrade in 1963. Graduated in History from the Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, in 1987. Employed as an assistant researcher at the Institute for Modern Serbian History between 1988 and 1996. In 1996 she was appointed to the post of the assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy, Chair of Contemporary General History. She got her MA degree in 1992 and PhD in 2001. Now she works as full professor.


She is a vice-president of the History Education Committee, organized by the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in South Eastern Europe based in Thessaloniki. She is consultant of United Nations, working on the issues of history and memory and misuses of history in education. She is a member of the Management Committee of COST action ”In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe”.


In 2004 she had received the prestigious Belgrade City Award for Social Sciences for the book Srbija i demokratija 1903-1914. In 2011 she had received Peace Prize from Belgrade Center for Peace and Democracy for her engagement in reconciliation process through history teaching in South East Europe. In 2012 she had received the price Winning of Freedom for women engaged in human rights activism. She has received the French decoration Chevalier de l Ordre nationa du Merite.


With Prof. Milan Ristovic she edited the book of additional teaching materials for secondary schools “Childhood in the past” which is now in use in 11 countries of South-East Europe. She was the editor of the Serbian edition of four workbooks “Teaching Modern Southeast European History. Alternative Educational Materials”, that were published in 12 languages of the region by the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in South East Europe in Thessaloniki.


Her field of interest and research are processes of modernization and Europaization in South East Europe, history of ideas, processes s of democratization in Serbia, history of urbanization, history of Belgrade, relation history-memory, presentations of history in history textbooks.


She teaches Global history (1914-2014), Social Phenomena of Contemporary history, Social History of USA.






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Ulje na vodi. Ogledi iz istorije sadašnjosti Srbije (Oil on Water. Essays on Serbian History of the Present), Belgrade 2010.

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Rađanje globalnog sveta. Vanevropski svet u savremenom dobu 1880-2015 (the Birth of the Global World 1880-2015), Belgrade 2015.















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