Drago Roksandić

Yugoslavism Before the
Creation of Yugoslavia






The concept of (Yugo) Slavism or Slavdom (Yugoslavism or Yugoslavdom) is a neologism of German origin (Slawentum) which points to the - by origin and meaning - comparable German concept of Deutschtum, Germanness, created around 1770 within the Sturm und Drang, (Storm and Stress) movement, that is, during the formative period of modern German nationalism.









Dubravka Stojanović

Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade University

Private Yugoslavism and Serbian Public Opinion, 1890–1914





Case study 1

Yugoslavism is one of the “unfortunate” subjects in Serbian historiography, its scholarly treatment too often determined by political considerations. During key periods of the two Yugoslavias, Yugoslavism became the official ideology, its study obligatory and its roots traced back as a scholarly inquiry. Serbian historians delved as far back into the past as the Enlightenment (Ekmečić 1989: 3).
















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