Aleksandar Ignjatović

Two Modernisms in the Two
Yugoslavias: Architecture and
Ideology, 1929-1980






The fact that the architecture of modernism represents an important part of the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and, in particular, socialist Yugoslavia, seems to be a peculiar truism.









Nenad Makuljević

Yugoslav Art and Culture:
From the Art of a Nation to the
Art of a Territory






Art and culture have great significance in the creation of nations and national identities. Art was understood as the embodiment of the national spirit and testimony to its existence, as well as a means for creating a nation. The historical processes of creating Yugoslav art and culture, as well as their fates show just that.









Amila Buturović

Between Religion and Politics:
The Challenge of Being a Muslim
in Yugoslavia





Case study 1

The end of Empire signaled a new, transformative chapter in the history of Balkan Muslim communities at the turn of the 20th century. The Muslims who became part of the new political frameworks of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia formed a significant population across the region but presented an enduring challenge as regards their modern identity formation.
















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