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The project builds on two complementary premises: first, the deep rifts the 1990s wars left in the Western Balkans will be standing in the way of genuine reconciliation and normalization between ex-Yugoslav nations as long as historical truth remains elusive, misused or subject to manipulation; and, second, as testified by the September 2013 Sarajevo conference assembling scholars, committed to historical facts rather than to politically motivated and usually mainstream approaches to the Yugoslav historiography, were ready to join hands in the first cross-regional, scholarly endeavor to throw light on the history of Yugoslavia – from its emergence in the aftermath of the WWI, through post-WWII period till the bloody disintegration.

The project’s overall objective is to contribute to regional normalization through a solid, well-argued and multi-perspective historical account. In this context, cross-border research and analysis of most sensitive, contested and controversial topics by a team of authoritative historians from all the seven countries emerging from the Second Yugoslavia, meticulous editing and the outreach of intellectual work mostly address younger generations – potential decision/opinion-makers – and empower them to discriminate misinterpretations, distortions and revisionism from historical facts on the one hand and stand for democratic tenets on the other.

The project also targets key regional stakeholders, including curriculum developers, politicians, academics, the media, etc., presently challenged by the EU agenda for normalization in the Western Balkans, through a strong online outreach, visibility actions and largely disseminated publications.

This three-year project is realized by Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia with the assistance of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the FR of Germany, through the Embassy of the FR of Germany, Belgrade. Project is the result of two and half decades of engagement and experience of the Committee and necessity of the multidimensional approach to the Balkan History.













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With the assistance of the Federal Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of the FR of Germany






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