Božo Repe

Promises and Facts Concerning the Independent Slovenian State





Case study 1

The purpose of this paper is not to discuss whether it would have been better to remain in Yugoslavia rather than attain independence. Despite the current crisis and lack of prospects faced by numerous individuals and social groups, gaining independence or, to put it more precisely, timely gaining of independence, was undoubtedly a better option for the Slovenians as a national community.









Prof. Dr. Mitja Velikonja

University of Ljubljana

Yugoslavia after Yugoslavia –
Graffiti about Yugoslavia in
post-Yugoslav urban space





Case study 2

In a passageway in the centre of Ljubljana, for 25 years now there has been a graffiti depicting a sinking ship named Yugoslavia. During that time, many other new graffiti and tags have been added around it, but the image has in essence remained intact.









Prof. Dr. Mitja Velikonja

University of Ljubljana

Ways of Remembering
Yugoslavia: The Yugoslav
Rear-View Mirror





Case study 3

In the following text I’ll try to do the impossible: review Yugoslavia from the perspective of “memory studies” -currently a very invigorating interdisciplinary branch at the productive intersection of historical anthropology, the sociology of time, cultural studies and transition studies.


















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